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Brand Stigmas

Branding is one of the most powerful forces at work in our market today. It controls our buying behaviors and loads our minds with all types of ideas about a product. This causes our minds to  attempt to solve an incomplete equation.  This is called forming an inference. We do it when we don’t have all the letters shown to us but  the Wheel of Fortune host asks us to solve the puzzle anyway. Based on our current evidence we think ___________.

What does each of these symbols mean to YOU?

What’s in a name?

Challenger, Supra, GTO, Skyline…all car names that bring back fond memories for gear heads. It’s not the badge that made the model significant, but rather the car itself. But as time marches on it’s the name that sticks with us and not the vehicle. Truth be told, I’ve never even driven any of the previously mentioned automotive deities. I drove a Supra once but it was a non turbo so it doesn’t really count. Yet for most people the names have, attached to it, all kinds of feelings and preconceived ideas regarding performance and beauty due to a phenomenon we refer to as nostalgia. There’s a synonym manufacturers use to describe it; brand equity.

Hey baby...what's YOUR name?