Test Drives

2009 Toyota Tacoma TRD Sport Test Drive

8 Responses to Test Drives

  1. Melyssa Cass says:

    There is a wonderful thread on GA RX-8 club where we have done this. Be careful with the rental cars….. *wink wink*

  2. Mohsen Abbassi says:

    :( This is a great way to get your foot into the auto industry. I wish I could do this. Great idea.

  3. Angel Marin says:

    Cant wait till u guys start doing ur car reviews lol XD

  4. Ethan Moran says:

    If you guys would like too, I can maybe see if we can set y’all up at Audi or Porsche. Text me if you’re interested, pull my number off my facebook profile.

  5. Rfortier1796 says:

    Ethan, if you don’t get a text from me tomorrow, I’d be glad to discuss this with you on Sunday if you are at the meet!

  6. Greg L says:

    Hey Steve. I got some reviews I could write up for this.

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