Your Cranks

Robert Fortier is a distinguished young sir currently hailing from Fort Worth Texas. More power is always better and a seized bolt or two is nothing a sawsall wont fix. His car’s legal title says ’350z’ but he’s sure they spelled M3 wrong. He’s less concerned about running out of gas and more concerned about having to stop in bat country. He loves a good cruise with the windows down and trance music blaring but he typically lives his life a quarter mile at a time. Interesting personal fact: Robert has two cats, Dakar and Laguna. If something he’s written is incomprehensible it’s because  A) One of said cats has waltzed across the keyboard and or B) He’s drank an entire bottle of wine while writing a post and has forgotten what he was originally writing about. 

Steve Solazzo is an erudite young gentleman who is regularly half a bottle of Patron away from painting his truck to look like Optimus Prime, as long as it isn’t floating in a lake.  He loves his truck, but deep down inside, he knows he’ll never be happy until he owns the perfect FD3 RX7.  His love of rotary engine has made him the most educated source on the topic without actually owning one, a true conundrum he plans to solve.  When not writing for this fine website or enjoying a nice drive over things other than the roadway, he persues a career as a door to door computer salesman or a builder of stuff.  On a personal note, Steven is a Taurus who enjoys the smell of fresh sawdust and curling up by the fire to listen to one of his hand crafted speaker setups.  He also does not have a set of truck nuts.  But should.


Cranks Not Wanks

^^The above is a WANK…not a Crank^^

Why we’re here

Cars and Cranks is a site devoted to the automotive enthusiast by the automotive enthusiast. The two of us have C16 pumping through our veins and at night we dream of driving cars we’ll never be able to afford. All of our posts, though slightly biased, will be factually based. It may come as quite a shock but we’re not walking automotive encyclopedias (do you remember those books?) so it’s possible that we may get something wrong from time to time…deal with it. All of our posts are open for commenting and we highly suggest you get in on the discussion. Anyone can log in and leave their cranks on our blog posts.

Things we shan’t do

We shan’t be an automotive news blog. We shan’t be giving live updates on race results. We shan’t be informing you of every time Jay Leno’s chin is still the size of Everest.

Services we will perform

We WILL report on how skewed current automotive news really is. We WILL watch the race and then make excuses for why our team/driver didn’t win. And lastly, we WILL rent space on Jay Leno’s chin and start an indoor go-cart facility….we’re also bringing back the word ‘shan’t’.

You’ll see a variety of postings all the time but there will be a few staple posts you can count on weekly.

  • Monday Car Porn: a post with pictures of a lustful car. These posts will be easily viewable by clicking the ‘Car Porn‘ link in the menu bar. You know, when you need some….alone time.
  • Wednesday Deal of the Week: a post regarding a great deal on a vehicle that we’ve  found on auto trader
    or a local forum. Send us deals you find out and about but please refrain from sending us YOUR vehicle ad.
  • Friday Rev-Up Music: driving music to get your weekend cruise revved up. We love new music so send
    us your favorite driving songs so we can share them with everyone else on Friday!