Car Porn – Happy Birthday to Me Edition

I have always had a love for Ferraris.  I know some have found them to be plain looking, or even down right ugly, but even in the 430 and 458 sports cars I’ve found a classic design that never really ages.  Even the older 355 and Testarossa have lines that are unmatched.  But for me, the best looking cars of the Prancing Horse brand have always been the Berlinettas – the little sedans, or in our language coupes.  The V12 powered 275, for example, is a true classic.  And who could forget one of the world’s original super cars, the 250 GTO which can command a price of over $16 million at auction.  Then in the 1990s it was the 550 Maranello and the 575M made famous by a certain car chase in Bad Boys II.  Most recently, Ferrari released the 599 GTB Fiorano.

The hotness

The 599 GTB derives its name from its motor: a 6.0L (5999cc) V12.  There is really nothing like the sound of a Ferrari V12.  The unique wail comes from the flat plane crank design of the engine.  It is a detuned version of the same motor that sits in the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari, and puts out 612 horsepower and 448 ftlbs of torque.  This is enough to conjure up a 3.7 second 0-60 time, and propel the car up to 205 miles per hour.  The naturally aspirated V12 is one of a handful of V12s that makes over 100hp per liter without any form of forced induction.  Power is delivered to the rear wheels (like a proper performance car) via a 6 speed manual, or F1 style automated gear box.

It looks like it wants to eat me.


V12 in the front, power at the rear, bad ass all around


Alt text for the image is "The Mona Lisa"


Of course, the real question is how does it drive.  Well, I don’t know.  Yet.  Only because I have some of the best friends a car guy could have, I have been gifted a most epic birthday present.  Even more epic than the Three Wolf One Moon shirt my stalwart co-author procured for me last year.  In the coming future, you can expect a most in depth “driven” review of a 599 GTB, a fitting present for the Berlinetta in its last year, before Ferrari replaces it with a new front engined, rear wheel drive, V12 powered coupe.

It will take an army to get me out of this car...

Until then, I leave you with this, the sound of a 599 GTB racing away at full tilt.  A sound that can only be measured by a two words not normally used for measurement: Pure Ferrari.


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