Cranks in Your News Feed?

Something wicked this way comes…

Can we help with your vegan friend posting pictures of every soy meal she eats? Nope. Overly proud parents posting a million baby pictures? Can’t help with that one either. But if you’ve ever found yourself thinking, “Man, I just don’t have enough CRANKY SATIRICAL AUTOMOTIVE POSTS in my news feed!”  then don’t you worry. We’ve got your back.

Cars and Cranks found yet another way to infiltrate your daily life with more thought provoking automotive articles. We’re now part of the cornflower blue realm known as Facebook. Go like our page located at We’ll be using the page to share blog posts, test drives, rants, raves, sandwiches (ok maybe not sandwiches) and other cool auto stuffs. Feel free to ask questions and start discussions.

We’ve also figured out the whole twitter thing so if you’re a (twitterer, tweeter….twit?) you should definitely follow us @CarsAndCranks. Motor Trend and Acura Magazine are following us so I guess we’re doing something right! Let all your gear head friends know about us and spread the word!

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