Musings: Marketing Mavens Migrate to Metal

I have a love hate relationship with Toyota’s young, hip, cool brand.  Scion, on one hand, represents everything I hate about most cars: they have forced character that comes from marketing and not actual driving pleasure and the majority of thier line up sucks (ugly toaster vans and a shitty replacement for the Celica and a micro car that most people don’t even know abuot.).  Sure, the Scion dealership is one of two places to get one of the most overhyped products in the market right now, but it still stands that the brand aiming for the young, hip, cool, urban buyer is still more sought after by baby boomers.  Further, I just can’t stand to accept any brand whose buyers care more about SXSW (Austin sucks, by the way) than TX2Kxx is really a brand that enthusiast buyers should even care about.

But I love Scion because they understand marketing.  They know the target demographic and rabidly persue it like one of the above mentioned Austin hipsters after an ironic tee shirt that isn’t really ironic, just stupid.  Scion has taken a firm grasp of the young, hip, cool demographic and attacked it relentlessly by positioning themselves not as a manufacturer, but a lifestyle brand.  It isn’t just about the car, it is about what the car represents.  They claim not to just be an automotive brand, but a brand that persues music, style, etc. 

So after single handedly (or, not at all) promoting electronic music to the mainstream and securing their place as the car for hip yuong urbanites, they are now approaching the next logical step – indy kids and hipsters.  No, I said that wrong.  They are trying to get their foot in the door of the metal world.  Thier new advertising campaign is aimed at the metal heads out there.   Look, I know marketing tends to work this strange magic that makes even I say the Prius has a place in this world other than a firepit or junkyard, but when I think metalheads who drive around slamming gears while rocking out to Amon Amarth (don’t hate, I love me some Viking Speed Metal), the FRS and tC are really the last cars I see them driving.

I’ve been wrong before, but I would love to see how the Autotuning Zeus goes after this one.  What say you?

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