Musings – There is a sucker born every minute.

Remember my article last week about the Chicken Tax?  Remember how the point we made was that none of the big three ever made a light truck that was in real competition with the Tacoma or Frontier?  Well, I’ll tell you something interesting.  They did make something that was aimed to compete with the Taco and Fronty – the problem was YOU the buyer.  See, you were cross shoping wrong.  You weren’t supposed to cross shop with teh Ranger and the S10.  No sir, you were supposed to cross shop the Taco, Frontier, and PT Cruiser. 

That’s right dear readers.  For registration purposes, one of ChryCo’s first attempts at a throw back ride, the PT Cruiser, was classified as a light truck.  So the death of the domestic light truck is your fault.

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  1. Neat fact #2: The PT Cruiser convertible has a roll bar that goes over the middle of the passenger area. It wasn’t noticed till the darn thing was actually built but the bar acts as a spoiler and also keeps the passengers from getting extremely turbulent airflow. Double mind blown!

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