Car Porn: The Proper Porsche

The Carrera GT is by no means a “throw back” car but it certainly has fallen off the map lately. Production ran for three years and finally came to a halt in 2007. This has always been an intriguing car for me. This was a car designed and built around the principle of “Why not?” instead of “why?”. This was a masterpiece from the ground up.

Wish I was doing that instead of typing this…

Why not use a bonkers engine? Yeah, they couldn’t come up with a good reason either. So they did. 5.7 liters of NA V10 awesomeness making 618HP. Zero to sixty came in 3.5 and as if it makes no difference it topped out at 204mph. If that doesn’t make your hair stand on end you should check and make sure you still have a pulse. As if driving this glorious machine wasn’t enough; Porsche mounted the engine behind the driver’s head so they could hear the sound of angels while driving. I should also note that the engine resides in front of the rear axle….in the proper place.

Fun Fact: The connecting rods were made from titanium.

Why not single lug wheels? Again, they couldn’t come up with a good reason, so they did. They sat around and thought, “Well that’s how we do it in LeMans so why not? Exactly…And the brakes? Well 15″ is a little small for a wheel but Porsche thought it was the perfect size for the brakes. The other thing Porsche did right was ONLY offer the GT with a 6 speed manual. See, Porsche engineers didn’t have to answer the marketing departments questions of “Why?” this time. Just for once, they were able to do things the proper way. Finally they could answer, “We’re building 1,270 units….and each one is going to be bad ass. Get out of our way.”


Bravo Porsche. Well done.

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  1. Robert Fortier says:

    Ah yes, the CGT. One of the last super cars that actively went out of its way to kill you. Back when driving a super car took more skill than turning the traction control knob to the “make me look like Schumacher” setting.

    Oh, and one of my verification words is Balla…

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