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Just a quick thought after reading this article.

I can understand how adding automation to our daily drives could reduce accidents.  The varying number of reasons of why automation sucks not withstanding, by letting computers drive for us I can see the argument for how it would be inherently safer.  That being said, I also am want to wonder if people would put down their damned cell phones, stop texting or talking while driving, actually kept up with maintenance on their cars, and actually paid attention to the rest of the world while piloting their Toyandison Camcordimas and Ford/Chevy Land Mammoth Chrome Plated Platinum Edition Jesus Christ Eff You Ten Thousands, maybe we would see the same results.  I mean, I know I’m odd, but I wonder what it would be like if we went back to treating driving as a privilege to be revered, not a god given right that is bestowed upon us on our 16th birthday.

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  1. Perry says:

    Compu-cars are great in theory and that’s about it. What happens when ‘Steve-down-the-street’ takes repairs into his own hands? Hell apple won’t honor the warranty if you try to fix your own phone and now we’re talking about an automated mass transit system…As with all the other theories that work until people get involved this seems bad from the get-go.

  2. Perry, do you agree that individuals who are not responsible enough to honor the burden of control should not be granted it? If you’re a terrible driver you should not be innately given the right to drive a vehicle because it negatively affects everyone you come in contact with on the road.

    Think about this from a drunk driver perspective. “Oh, I’m hammered and can’t even walk straight? Looks like it’s autopilot for me tonight…”

    • Perry says:

      Don’t get me wrong ‘auto-pilot’ would be great for any number of circumstances and as for the ‘right to drive’. Well let’s just say if there was some sort of License revoking Gestapo I would be the first to sign up. I hold myself to even higher standards than the local traffic laws require simply because I know there are SO many other drivers out there driving around with their heads completely up their collective asses. Left lane jockeys are pretty high on the list (this is someone whom chooses to stay in the left lane when there is no one in the right lane and they refuse move, thus forcing a right lane overtake which is not only dangerous but also usually illegal.) Then there are old people, I think of them as a ‘wild card’ because there is no telling what they’re going to do. Finally there are the people that have too much stuff to do and can’t be bothered with paying attention while driving. (I.e. texting, make-up, what ever) All of these people would benefit from an ‘automated’ system. My contention was that an ‘automated’ car is going to be a difficult, complicated, expensive piece of technology, that when you think about it is not only responsible for the lives of the occupants but also the lives of the other people on the road. What happens when your average weekend warrior decides to start taking on repairs? Who knows what kind of half-ass job he or she is going to do. Then the ‘autopilot’ kills a school bus full of girls scouts.

      Perhaps as long as man travels by speeding metal cage death will be an inherent possibility and this is just the latest incarnation.

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