Love at First Sight?

For those who don’t know, my last vehicle before the Tacoma was a Lexus IS300. RWD, manual gearbox, straight 6 engine; it was awesome. I’ve been a moderator on the Lexus forum My.IS for about 3 years now. I like the Lexus brand and they make stellar cars. But there’s been a $375k Lexus thorn in my side called the LFA. It’s been there for a while and I’ve tried to ignore it.

But on Sunday, March 25th, I laid eyes on the Lexus super car for the first time….and it was love.

On a pedestal no less....

Now considering my background, you’d think I’d be an LFA fanboy right from the start. But the truth of the matter is that I’ve always thought it was a stupid car. On paper it costs more than $100k more than a 458 Italia. Yes that sentence sounds stupid the way I’ve worded it but I did it intentionally to make a point. It IS stupid! More than $100k more; defined as: an extra hundred G’s…and then some. And we have to also remember that Ferrari is a brand that basically defined the super car category and REDEFINES it regularly as they see fit. Ferrari exists solely to make cars that push the very limits of performance and beauty. Lexus, on the other hand, makes vehicles that are as comfortable as they are reliable. Correct me if I’m wrong, but reliable comfort and supercars are pretty much mutually exclusive items. Not only that, but the parts bin that has comfort goodies in it doesn’t have many performance oriented parts. In short, the technology doesn’t carry over. And the truth is that the LFA isn’t the top performer in the super car category either. The 458 Italia beats it in almost every performance category.


So what gives? Why would I pay MORE for an “off brand” product that doesn’t perform as well? I’d like to use an example to clarify what I mean. Let’s say you’re a coffee drinker and it’s Monday morning and you need your daily dose of Starcrack. You could go to the house of crack where trendy coffee snobs wearing green aprons brew the best tasting cup of Joe you’ve ever had. And all of this costs you $5. But instead of that there’s a Coke vending machine on the sidewalk that offers coffee as well. The coffee doesn’t taste as good and you don’t normally regard the Coke brand to be an authority on coffee. Not only that, but the coffee is $8. Sounds tempting right? Oh, I accidentally spelled, “Hell no”….wrong.

These were my initial impressions of the LFA. These impressions were formed by logic and reason….until emotion punched me in the brain.

As I walked up to the pedestal where the Goddess lay I was overcome with a desire to own one. I hadn’t driven it, sat in it, or even touched it. But I wanted one. My cowriter is Irish and lives by the principle that if it doesn’t work you either need a bigger hammer or a sawsall.  I on the other hand, with my pointy shoes and dark hair, am Italian. The details and passion of a car are something I can’t ignore. This is likely why I was stood speechless for God knows how long while Rob prodded me to see if I had finally slipped into a stress educed coma. It was if I’d torn through the entire country side armed with nothing but a plunger and some funny, mushroom hat wearing midget thanked me for saving the princess.

Our princess is NOT in another castle...she's right here


There is just something about the car that screams wildly at the top of its lungs. The LFA is part jet fighter and part elegant cocktail dress working in tandem to create a complete package of pure awesome. The best part? The exhaust note. I’ve not heard it in person but that’s likely for the better (I’d prefer not to embarrass myself). The interesting thing is that the presence this car has doesn’t translate in pictures. It’s like that friend you have who’s beautiful in person but doesn’t take great pictures. Same is true with this car. You pretty much have two options. You can A) Refuse to believe me and go see one in person. Or B) Believe me and do everything in your power NOT to see one so you don’t spend every waking moment trying to amass a fortune large enough to own one.

Out of the exhaust pipes...angels

Wanted to get in baaaaad

Her beating heart...


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  1. Pretty sure we can make it to Mexico before the check bounces…

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