Car Porn: Legendary Edition

What exactly is a legend? It’s a story about an event that, at the time, changed the very fabric of history. Something so unfathomable that whilst it was in progress, people were so enamored, they forgot to secure the facts and details for those of us who didn’t have the privilege of living at that time. As a result, those of us who came after “the event” struggle to believe it happened at all. Thus, a legend is born.

It's a chop...I can tell by the pixels and from having seen many a chop in my time...

The Porsche 959 fits this definition. Big foot? Plausible. Loch Ness Monster? For about tree-fitty, yeah I’d believe you. But a 4 wheel drive 2.8 liter twin turbo super car making 444hp back in 1986? Nope, I refuse to believe it happened. And you expect me to believe there was a group B rally version too? Oh just stop while you’re ahead…

On road or off....doesn't matter

The Porsche 959 wasn’t just good on parchment. In that era it also PERFORMED well too. The best part? Even by today’s standards, it’s STILL outstanding! Sixty miles per hour comes in at a tick under 3.7 seconds. Think about this, if Marty and Doc Brown had used a 959, they’d have gone back to the future so fast the entire movie would have only been about half an hour long.

Flux capacitor in the back for better weight distribution.

.....the nudes

2 Responses to Car Porn: Legendary Edition

  1. Robert Fortier says:

    Ah yes, the ultimate Ass Engined Super Beetle of Death. Technological power house even in its day. Bill Gates wanted one of these so bad, he acutally went out and designed software to show how it could pass our importation requirments so he could buy one without actually crashing several to pass the tests.

  2. Rick G says:

    I absolutely obsessed over the 959 when I was younger playing Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed.
    These cars have so much presence it’s incredible. The past two years at the Philly Auto Show they have brought a red 959. I must’ve took pictures of every inch of that car and stared at it for an hour.

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