That is properly quick.

I have always said the N54 powered 335is have had an insane amount of potential and once someone figured out the fueling issues and created a proper single turbo set up that would work, the 335i would be ready for serious power.  The one thing that has been holding the 335i back was a twin turbo set up that was horribly inefficient above the 400whp range, and a direct injection set up that might limit fueling needs for high horsepower applications.

In the race between Vishnu Tuning (of Evo building fame) and Horsepowerfreeks (who made their name in cranking out M3s with over a thousand horsepower), Vishnu came in first.  It isn’t really a surprise, as they have been in the 335i game since day one.  While pricey, their Procede ECU is one of the best to use for tuning on the 335i with full meth integration.  It is such a system that even HPF has mentioned they’ll be using it for their single turbo 335 application.  After a long wait and many days of e90post members biting their nails, the numbers are in.  The Vishnu single turbo 335i puts down near as makes no difference 630 wheel horsepower (the proper number is 627, but I round up because I like even numbers).  Torque is at 477 ft lbs.  This is all done on pump gas + meth (my only dislike), so a race gas or E85 Map would be interesting to see.  According to Shiv, the turbo on this map still has about another hundred horsepower in it.

Oh, did I also mention this was on the N54B30s stock bottom end?  Well now I did.  Check out more of it here at E90Post, but make sure you watch the vids first!

*That all being said…I’d still rather the E46 M3.

3 Responses to That is properly quick.

  1. Rob Hopkins says:

    A little confused on this. I read through some of the posts and just wanted some clarification. The N54 is originally a twin turbo, and this product is a chip and a single turbo which replaces the twin. Is that right? I assume it’ll work with the 135i, too.

    Any headway on the N55?

  2. The N54 is twin turbo, this is a single conversion. It should work on the 135 and 535 with a little finagling – different sized engine bays. The N55 has seen little work, there aren’t as many N55 owners willing to go the lengths that N54 owners are. The N55 is also a bit harder to tune. The Procede from Vishnu isn’t a chip, but a piggy back ECU.

  3. Kevin Karaffa says:

    Last sentence is priceless. Not only does it undermine the entire write up but it’s also true!

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