Car Porn – Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder Edition

In my dream world, I live in Hawaii on a boat, preferably something like an Fellows and Stewart Air Sea Recovery Boat or a restored Elco PT boat.  My dream garage is a climate controlled hanger not too far from the marina where I keep the boat, and is fully equipped with tools, a lift, a fair set of extra parts for the cars, and of course the cars themselves.  But this is not the only place I live in my dream world, as I also have a country estate in England, which is only reached by taking a flight from Heathrow in my personal Hawker Hurricane MK IV(I like it more than the Spitfire, bite me), land on the lawn of said estate, and hop into one of these for a drive:

I'll take mine in BRG as well...

There is no doubt some controversy surrounding the looks of the Morgan Aeromax SuperSport.  It isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure, but it is for me.  I like old things.  I know a few weeks back I bitched about how old cars sucked but that doesn’t mean I don’t really want one, I would just want one that looked as cool as those old cars did, but handled better and was a bit more modern.  The Aeromax SuperSport fits the bill pretty well.  The targa roofed version of the ultra limited Aeromax coupe, the SuperSport still has that timeless, awesome sauce postwar era British roadster look without all the hassle of being an actual postwar era British roadster.

Damn that thing is hot...

Unlike the original Morgan cars, the Aeromax SuperSport isn’t a wood chassis wrapped with aluminum, but instead a full metal chassis and body.  The SuperSport is powered by a 4.8L V8 sourced from BMW (an N62B44 for all wondering) that puts out 360 horsepower and 370 lb-ft of torque.  While not LS7 standards by any means, that is still enough to propel the SuperSport to sixty in just over four seconds with the automatic transmission.  No, not blinding light speed, but that isn’t the point of this car.  Handling has been deemed by those lucky enough to drive one as above average, but damn, it just looks good.

I like her topless...

Like most coach built vehicles, the majority of the car is built using parts supplied by the aftermarket.  Brakes are from AP Racing, the suspension set up from Eibach and Koni.  The interior is usually customized to the final owners’ specifications, but is classically beautiful.  This is most definitely one of those few cars that I demand to have wood trim.

See, the Morgan Aeromax SuperSport, to me, isn’t about being the fastest out there.  Not this car.  The Aeromax SuperSport isn’t a race car, it’s a cool car.  It’s one of those cars you own just to drive around in with no specific purpose, the car you have because it is damned cool to have.  You don’t get the Morgan because you’re some boy racer who wants to set the new fastest lap on the local track.  You don’t take the Morgan to a meet and jump out in an Ed Hardy shirt, collar popped, with skinny jeans and “retro” sunglasses and a hat with a flat brim because it has never seen a day of honest work.  As the owner of a sports car, I can tell you most sports cars are made for kids: loud, brash, demanding of attention not because of the beauty, but because in many ways they are loud.  This car is demanding in its audacity, but maybe that is what makes it great.  Maybe the beauty is in the audacity…

And it even looks good as a race car.

Why? Because race car

4 Responses to Car Porn – Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder Edition

  1. Hell yeah, that’s exactly how I’d define it. We have a new clasification of vehicle everyone. There are sports cars, super cars, trucks, SUV’s and now, Cool Cars.

    Cool Car (Noun)-Definition: A cool car is a vehicle you own just to drive around in with no specific purpose. The car you have because it is damned cool to have.
    -See also, Moregan AeroMax.

  2. Angel Marin says:

    Its crosseyed!!

  3. It used to be worse. True story: due to the over angled nature of the previous headlights (the same ones used by VW on the new Beetle) a decision was made to continue the BMW parts bin raid (engine and transmission) and take the flatter, less angled headlights from the Mini Cooper.

  4. Greg LaPointe says:

    Cool cars…see also Top Gear Cool Wall

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