Monthly Archives: November 2012

The Return

I can hear the beasties. – Matthew Bowden

It isn’t a sound that you can really describe in words.  “Loud” doesn’t quite get the full grasp of what a 18,500rpm 2.4L V8 really sounds like, unless you are ok with describing a banshee wail as “loud”.  I hate to use the word epic due to its overuse in our times, but that starts to get a bit closer.  Immense works.  Immense adequately describes the feeling of being over a mile away from the track and still hearing that sound of the most advanced engines in a racing vehicle on the planet.  It is a sound that you actually feel; not in your chest like you would at the drags or NASCAR, but throughout your entire body and into your bones.  It is the sound of Formula 1.

How to Survive…The Most Dangerous Game (Part 2)

Yesterday’s article was a pre-car shopping list of ways to prepare for battle. Today we’ll be talking about what you can do while you’re on site with the enemy to make sure you get the most for your money. If you didn’t read yesterday’s article go back and read it before you proceed; you’ll thank us later. If not, you might end up getting taken by one of  these\/ guys…

I’ll give you tree fitty….it’s a good deal…do it