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Weekend Driving Music: New this Week

No Rob, it’s not that hot new band Evanescence. New this week is a the Lupe Fiasco album. Gotta love that saxophone with a great beat to accompany it. Now, I’m not normally a guy that listens to rap…but I listen to Lupe. In fact, I listen to Lupe whenever I’m building something or working on the truck.

Speaking of working on one’s vehicle. A friend of Cars and Cranks just opened up a new shop in the Haselet TX area by Texas Motor Speedway. It’s a place where you can pay per hour to use the lift, tools, you name it. Perfect for if you live in an apartment and don’t have access to a garage. Brandon’s a knowledgeable guy too so if you need help hit him up. He’ll even let you listen to Lupe while you work. Hit him up at

Weekend Driving Music: Carry On

Typically, at the end of the week I feel like I’m dragging pretty bad. By Friday I’m drained of energy and sick of it all. My only light at the end of the tunnel is my girlfriend, a cold beer, and knowing I don’t have to work for the next two days. Then I remember I’m 25 and my life really isn’t all that hard. All except for the occasional flood incident with my truck, I really don’t have a lot to complain about. I mean check these guys out. They’ve got to be mid 60′s and they’re rocking out so hard this joint can’t even hold them. Check out the handle bar mustache on the lead guitarist and the other guitarist only has one eye. If these guys can still kick ass at their age, anything short of a rampage from me is plain sinful.  So take a moment to be thankful for the life you have. Carry on my wayward son. Have a great weekend.

Weekend Driving Music: Hot New Band Edition

Evanescence’s new CD is really freaking awesome and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Don’t listen to it on your crappy laptop speakers like I know you’re about to do. Get a copy of this and listen to it in the car or on the home stereo. Choose the higher quality selection below too. I liked their three previous albums (I own all of them) and this one is a good continuation of that style. Rock out and have a good Friday.

My Maserati Does 185

2012 is off to a good start. In fact, I’ll back up here and say that LIFE is off to a good start. Recently I’ve realized that taking chances typically ends up yielding some good results. Well, maybe not those chances associated with driving through water but truth be told even that experience ended up being quite rewarding. So pick today as the day where you decide to man up and take some chances that could end up yielding great results.

Windows down….system up…..go get it

Weekend Driving Music: Awesome Edition

It’s Friday….freakin….FINALLY

It’s been a rough week and it’s time to cruise on into the oh so glorious weekend. Time for some chill and relaxation; maybe a Dos Equis or five. The good news is that you survived the week. Maybe you got a ton of work thrown at you last minute, maybe you had a some douchey traffic to deal with, or maybe you were up till the wee hours of the morning rebuilding the starter in your Tacoma. Regardless of your circumstance, you made it…and you’re awesome. Here’s a pat on the back and a song to go with it. Have a good one.

Weekend Music: AWOLNATION – Sail

I’m all for an engaged driving experience but sometimes you just have to kick back and let the miles roll off. This is that type of song for that type of weekend. With tomorrow being New Years Eve  do us all a favor and don’t give you and your friend alcohol poisoning. Make sure you have fun but take it easy when it’s time to get back in your car. Wherever you sail to, make sure you get there safely. It’s the most dangerous driving day of the year so keep your wits about you. God Bless and have a Happy New Year!

Weekend Driving Music: Favorite Band on the Planet Edition

In 2003, Electronic Arts released Need For Speed: Underground, one of the first games to really focus on not only the racing, but the tuning culture that was in full swing at the time.  Yes, the game was a bit on the Rice and Ridiculous side, but it was fun.  It was more than just the same old tracks, it was your ability to modify your car.  The follow up, Need For Speed: Underground 2 was even better.  And then for some reason, every Need For Speed game that came out after it was just…junk.  Nothing special, nothing fun.  The “upgrading” of the cars eventually went away, and they turned back to their old ways.  Which was good for them, I guess, but it left those of us wanting an arcade style racing game with more than just the same old tracks wanting.  Don’t get me wrong, I still think Forza>*, but the NFSU series came very close.  But this post isn’t about a video game, it is about music.

So awesome, NFSU gave them their own R34 GT-R

It’s Friday, don’t act like an adult.

If you recognize the sample, nice… good catch. It’s from the MGMT song Kids. That’s why this Chiddy Bang song is cleverly named Opposite of Adults. Rob burned me this CD nearly a year ago. I drove around with it on repeat for way longer than I probably should have. If you like the song I highly recommend getting his entire album; you shan’t be disappointed. Great feel good music to blast going into the weekend to help you brush the work week “haters” off. (I’m white gimme a break for at least trying)

So the question remains, if you have a REALLY good song you like, do you wear it out or try and limit it’s play time in an effort to preserve it’s awesomeness?

Weekend Driving Music: Golden Oldies Edition

Every time I hear this song, it makes me think.  Not that it has a deep hidden meaning, but I hear the song, and I have to ask myself what has changed.  If any modern rock band released this song today, they would be berated for writing lyrics that showed no concern for their fellow man, or the environment, or blast it for its valuing of capitalism and consumerism over furthering the greater good of the poor, downtrodden line worker or some crap like that.  See, a long time ago (well, not that long) it used to be cool to be a car guy.  It was awesome to have a big ol’ V8, people envied your Challenger or Mustang or Camaro, the guy down the street wanted your 454 Chevelle, and driving fast was awesome and people wrote and sang songs about it.  Now, well, not so much.  Now all they want to sing about is their feelings and how much we are screwing up the world.  The fact that a grown man can get on stage and sing “you’re body is a wonderland” without getting laughed out of the building is sickening.

We’ve stopped enjoying driving, we’ve taken the fun out of it, and it shows in our music.  Today, its all about being an appliance, something isolating and quiet that will get you from point A to Point B with the least amount of input required. It is a sad state of affairs, and something I’ll be posting about here soon.  Songs like this would never be popular.  Still, I listen to these songs and think what life would be like if a rock band tried to make music like this today.  So, for this weekend’s driving music, I give you a selection of songs that advocate driving fast, tearing up the streets, racing in the most illegal ways, and being a general hoon…and your parents wouldn’t mind a one.  Its amazing we even survived this long with songs like these inspiring us to acts of horrible recklessness.  Enjoy your weekend driving music after the jump.

Weekend Driving Music Pt1: Rise Against – Savior

This Rise Against song is far from new but it really gets me going. So much so that I picked up the album and I’m not at all disappointed. Perfect for a weekend drive on an unfamiliar road or even an old favorite. If there’s not snow/ice where you are this Thanksgiving weekend then put those windows down and the system up.