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How to Survive…The Most Dangerous Game (Part 1)

What is the most dangerous game? Richard Connell wrote a short story back in 1924 answering this question. In his fable, the main character, Sanger Rainsford, experiences what it’s like to make the transition from the hunter….to the hunted.

In this modern day and age, we rarely visit strange islands in search of big game. However, we DO every now and again find ourselves in a strange car dealership searching for our next vehicle. Although you were the one who initiated the hunt for your vehicle things may change rather quickly. Today Cars and Cranks is written to help you survive that which is the most dangerous game….Car Shopping. If you want to know how to prevent becoming the hunted; keep reading.

2nd most dangerous game…..dynamite grizzly bear tennis

Modern Muscle Showdown: V vs SRT

As much as I may hate to admit it, we actually live in a pretty good time for performance cars.  Those boring beige jellybean shaped sedans can hit mid fourteens in the quarter, every performance car and its brother can hit the double century, and four hundred horsepower is considered acceptable.  Not only that, but performance cars are capable of hitting ludicrous speed and setting record lap times on race tracks the world round while being more reliable and easy to drive than ever.  You aren’t looking for that, though.  You are looking for something mean, with a big V8 in the front, power to the rear wheels, and an exhaust note that’ll scare little children and make the happy wombat unhappy.  You want a coupe, because sedans are too much of a compromise.  And you want this car to make a statement about you.  You want the world to know you love going fast, and those piddly little high strung four bangers are for children.  America is about hot, wet, nasty speed, and these two big coupes are all about America.

The 2011 SRT8 in its natural environment...

First Vehicle Review: The Invincible Truck of Doom

Today is the first. Ok, it’s actually the 16th of February but it’s the FIRST time we’ve posted a review on a vehicle. It is the first of many and it makes total sense that it’s one of our own vehicles. It’s a vehicle I know better than anyone and I’ve had ample seat time in it. This should also frame subsequent reviews that I do because it gives you an idea of my perspective when driving other vehicles. It is my benchmark. Click the picture below or hit the Test Drives page to find the review.

2009 Toyota Tacoma Test Drive